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First Generation - Kay and Joe Peterson


In 1978, Joe and Kay started a support group called Escapees RV Club to answer a growing need for community among early RVers. The club grew from the original 82 member families to over 10,000, and just kept growing. In 2001, Joe and Kay were recognized for their contribution to the RVing community through induction into the RV Hall of Fame. In 2010, they were named among the 100 Most Influential People in the RV Industry. Joe passed in 2010, but to this day, Kay remains an active part of the RVing community.

“I wish I could tell you it began with a grand vision of what the Escapees Club would be in the future. The truth is, there were no grand five- and ten-year goals. We were simply two working travelers enthralled with the RV lifestyle who wanted to make RVing the best it could possibly be for ourselves, our friends, and our fellow travelers.” – Kay Peterson.

Second Generation - Bud and Cathie Carr

Bud and CathyThe daughter of Joe and Kay, Cathie grew up experiencing the RV lifestyle first-hand. She began full-timing herself in 1972! By the early 1980’s Cathie stepped into the role of Club Administrator, and was promoted to CEO ten years later.

Under Bud and Cathie’s leadership, the club flourished. As membership grew, they fought to maintain RVer’s legal rights on multiple occasions, which included protecting RVer’s voting rights as well as working diligently with the RV and camping industries to develop the Good Neighbor Policy. Their hard work still benefits today’s RVers, and has even influenced RVing culture in other countries.

Additionally, Cathie developed and introduced our mail forwarding service, a program that still serves more than 10,000 Escapees members. As technology has advanced, so have the offerings of our mail service program. Bud created our Rainbow Park system, acquiring and developing a network of Escapees-managed parks across the country. These parks are still part of our organization, providing rest to countless RVers over the years.

Third Generation - Travis and Melanie Carr

Travis and MelanieTravis, the son of Bud & Cathie Carr, was exposed to RVing from a young age, just like his mom. After he served in the military, Travis and his wife Melanie returned to the RVing lifestyle. He began in the maintenance department at the Rainbow Parks, but his focus quickly shifted as he took the lead on upgrading every park’s reservation system, bringing Rainbow Parks into the digital age. Since then, Travis and Melanie have made themselves an irreplaceable part of the Escapees culture. In 2015, they founded Xscapers, a lifestyle group of Escapees that brings the club back to it’s origins. Xscapers are RVers who work full-time while traveling, just like Joe and Kay did in the 70s. Under their guidance, Xscapers has grown to provide numerous benefits targeting the needs of this demographic, including the development of Escapees’ Job Board and diversifying Escapees’ social and educational opportunities.

With the retirement of Cathie and Bud in 2016, Travis and Melanie stepped up as President and Vice-President of Escapees RV Club, respectively. They work hard to uphold the principles on which Escapees was founded while planning the future development of Escapees.

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magcoverEscapees magazine
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Escapade events are held annually with as many as 2,000 attendees. Educational
seminars are given during the week-long event and vendors are represented in the market areas.

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