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Escapees RV Club was founded in 1978 in order to connect RVers and offer a structure for befriending, supporting, and helping each other through the unique struggles that are part and parcel of the RV lifestyle. Building and strengthening community has remained our primary focus throughout our decades of service to RVers. Over time, this mentality gave birth to an often-used phrase among our membership, “caring and sharing.” We adopted this as a core value of Escapees RV Club as a testament to the passion our members share, both for the RVing lifestyle and for supporting each other.

As we celebrate four decades of serving RVers, we want to observe and uphold the spirit of our founders, Joe and Kay Peterson, and the feelings of community fostered through caring and sharing. To do this, we have created the Peterson Spirit Award, a prestigious honor to be granted to Escapees members who demonstrate our core value by going over and above the expectations of others in order to support a fellow RVer in need.

How do members earn the Peterson Spirit Award? It’s simple- continue demonstrating an attitude of caring and sharing in the way that SKPs have done for more than 40 years!

Do you know an Escapees member that goes above and beyond?

Use the form below to nominate them. You will need their name and member number (also referred to as SKP #), plus your name, your contact information, a description of the action or behavior for which you are nominating them and an explanation of why you feel this action is worthy of the award. Recipients will be selected from the submitted nominations on a monthly basis by the Escapees RV Club’s Board of Directors.

Recipients will be recognized in Escapees magazine, in our email newsletter, and with a plaque to be displayed at the Club’s headquarters. They will also receive a special badge, a commemorative coin and other prizes.

Nomination process: Any Escapees member in good standing may nominate another member or group of members (10 individuals or less) for this award. Members may not nominate themselves. The nominated action must have occurred within the past year. Nominations must be made by submitting the following information: the name, SKP number and contact information of the submitter, the name(s) of the nominee(s), email or phone for the nominee (if known), a description of the nominee’s specific actions and why these actions should be considered for the award. The identity of the nominator will be kept anonymous unless stated otherwise.

Nomination Form

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In case we need to contact you:

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Nomination Details

Date In Which The Act Occurred

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Other ways to make a nomination:

Nominate by Mail
Send completed Nomination Form, along with up to 2 photos or other documents supporting your nomination, to :
Peterson Spirit Award 100 Rainbow Drive Livingston, TX 77351

Nominate by Email
Attach completed Nomination Form, along with up to 2 photos or other documents supporting your nomination. Use the subject line “Nomination” and send to:

Recipients are selected based upon:

Award recipients are selected based on:
  1. the action and the number of nominations received for a given nominee,
  2. the nature of the member’s or members’ action(s) and the degree to which they exemplify the Club’s values,
  3. the level of detail in which each nomination describes the nominee’s actions and the reasons the nominee should be considered for the award,
  4. whether each nominee has been recognized previously,
  5. whether the actions were outside the scope of job duties (if considering nominations for staff and/or appointed volunteers).
More than one award may be presented in a given month if the review panel determines that there is more than one individual or group deserving of a recognition during that month. Conversely, the review panel may decide that there are no nominees worthy of recognition in a given month, in which case no award will be presented.