Michelin Advantage Program
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Save big on these brands with the Escapees Michelin Advantage Program!

How It Works

  1. Determine your tire size. Find your savings with the price finder tool.
  2. Find a dealer with the dealer locator. Call to check availability and schedule an appointment.
  3. Register your credit card with Michelin for tire purchasing before your appointment.
  4. Go to your appointment and get new tires!

You’ll need the Escapees RV Club Michelin Advantage account number and your Escapees RV Club member number (SKP number) to complete the purchase. Your SKP number will serve as your PO number. Please see the detailed printable instructions for account number.

Tire Price Finder

The tire price finder tool allows you to search by brand, type, size, or Michelin stock number for your tire savings.

Michelin Recall Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Escapees RV Club Michelin Advantage Program?
• The Escapees RV Club Michelin Advantage Program allows Escapees members access to discounted pricing on tires for passenger vehicles and RVs.

Is there an annual fee or minimum purchase to participate in the program?
• The Escapees RV Club Michelin Advantage Program is a free program with no annual fees or minimum purchases.

Can I purchase tires at any Michelin Dealer?
• You can purchase tires at any authorized Michelin Tire Dealer that participates in the Advantage program. Note that this will mainly be commercial dealers that service fleets. You can locate a dealer close to you by using the Michelin dealer locator, click here.

Will I get a bill from the dealer?
• Your credit card will be billed by Michelin, so do not be surprised if you get an invoice from the dealer with a zero balance or an inflated balance. The dealer is unable to give you an invoice with a completely accurate price as taxes and other fees may be applied. The dealer will not charge you for tires but will for other services like mounting and balancing.

• If you would like a receipt (invoice), please call Michelin Customer Service at 1-888-532-6435 after you see the charge on your credit card and select option 2. They will need the last four digits of the credit card used and the name on the card. Other information they may ask for is the Escapees RV Club Michelin Advantage Program Account number, date of service, and the servicing dealer name.

Why is there a hold on my credit card?
• Michelin will place a hold, also known as a preauthorization, on your credit card of up to 5% over the estimated invoice price. This hold will be removed once the transaction for the actual amount has been processed; it may take up to 72 hours. If there are any changes to the invoice, such as additional tires, parts, services, or tax changes, a new preauthorization may be required to accommodate the new amount. Ultimately you will be billed the discounted price, not the preauthorized price.