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SOLOS - The Escapees Singles BOF

SOLOS is a certified BOF of the Escapees RV Club whose purpose is to share information and camaraderie among Escapees who travel as singles. Memberships are $10 per year and include the newsletter, annual membership directory and one SOLOS BOF decal.

Escapees BOF (Birds of a Feather) groups are comprised of people who share a common interest. In order to belong to a BOF, one must be a member in good standing of the Escapees RV Club.

Joining Solos: If you are a current Escapees member and would like to join SOLOS, please download the membership form below and send your check for $10 payable to "Escapees SOLOS" along with your name, SKP number, phone number, and both postal and email addresses to:

Escapees SOLOS 1970 N Leslie St. #556, Pahrump, NV 89060.

Membership Form Download

Reporting Changes/Paying Dues For Solos Members: If you are a current SOLOS member, you may report changes to your physical address, email address, phone, and other changes by sending an email to: membership at

Send dues and renewals to: Escapees SOLOS 1970 N Leslie St. #556, Pahrump, NV 89060.

SKPing SOLOS Yahoo Group Bulletin Board: There's a Yahoo Group created exclusively for communication among members of Escapees SOLOS. This list is unpublished and can be accessed only by moderated subscription, to prevent spammers and to ensure all who join meet the list criteria of being current dues-paid members of the C-BOF. The purpose of this list is narrowly focused for announcing rallies and other gatherings, sharing experiences, reporting travel plans and any other RV-related matters of interest to members.

To request membership, first establish a Yahoo ID on the Internet. Signing up for a Yahoo account is free and pretty easy - just go to and follow the screen prompts. PocketMail users may subscribe to the list; however, they must first use a computer to access the Internet (use a friend's computer, go to a library, etc.) to establish a Yahoo ID.

Then send an e-mail message making sure to include Your Name and SKP# to: If you do not include Your Name and SKP#, you will be asked to supply them and this will delay your joining. If you are not a member of Escapees SOLOS, you will be asked to join. Otherwise, you will receive a response to confirm that you are subscribed, then you will begin receiving email messages posted to the bulletin board.

Escapees Solos Facebook Page: Join in the fun with information and sharing on Facebook.

Here is the link:

SOLOS Document Download page -- Download Newsletters (if you are having problems with Yahoo)

If you wish to receive the newsletter by email, please send an email to membership at


Upcoming Rallies and Events

BOF Voice Mail Information: 888-757-7701 ext. 8080



Event     Solos Kentucky Derby weekend event in Lexington Kentucky

Date      May 3 - May 6, 2018

Just a reminder that there will be a Solos Kentucky Derby weekend event in Lexington Kentucky the first weekend in May.  It will be hosted by Dave Anderson and Betty Ogden and will take place at Keeneland Race Track near Lexington.  FREE overnight RV parking is available there Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Saturday afternoon we will watch the race on a jumbatron high up on a hill overlooking Keeneland Race Track.  There will be betting windows available and many food and drink vendors.  If you google "tailgating on The Hill" you will find several postings including a slide show and a YouTube video.  

Location    Lexington Kentucky

Information     If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please contact Dave by email K5dladave at or Betty by email rvingbetty at or (805) 698-0842.  EVERYONE is invited, but we are really hoping to see some of our Eastern members.  We sometimes hear complaints that "everything takes place in the West."  Well here is something in the East.  Y'all come!


Event     58th Escapade Sedalia, MO

Date       May 27th - June 1st, 2018

SOLOS Pre-Rally: May 21st - May 27th.

Our Solos Pre-rally will be held the preceding week in Oswego, KS and will be hosted by Donna Tyler. Anyone who has attended a previous rally hosted by Donna knows that she throws a great party. The rally will begin on May 20th, with pie and ice cream served that evening.. Among other activities during the week, there will be tours of the Newell motorcoach factory and of Precious Moments. And Donna has promised us a "hog feed!" We will be staying at the Oswego Fairgrounds. E/W sites for $10 per night, with a dump station available. Lots more information will come later, but keep the dates in mind.

Location     Pre-rally: Oswego, KS,   Escapade: Sedalia, MO

Information     Click here for Escapade details.


Event    Death Valley 49ers Encampment 2018

Date Sunday November 4th - Sunday November 11th, 2018

Location Furnace Creek CA

Information We will gather in Pahrump NV about 2 weeks before and after.



Event     2019 SOLOS Winter Rally and Annual Business Meeting. Quartzsite, AZ

Date       January 17th - January 23rd, 2018

Rally Dates are Wednesday January 16th THROUGH Friday January 25th.
Annual Business Meeting is at 10:00 AM on Tuesday January 22nd.

Location     The location for both is: Plomosa Road Mile 2.35. Turn NORTH onto BLM Trail and follow the SOLOS Signs.

Information     SOLOS will begin arriving by 1/9/19 and the signs should be up by 1/10/19

          In addition, the ESCAPEES RV Club Happy Hour will be held on (date TBD)
          on Plomosa Road Mile 3.0 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

          Please bring your own chairs and drinks, and a dish or snacks to share.


SOLOS Officers

President: Roy Kannada 916-752-0189 royk1072 at

Vice President: Bob Svitak 801-971-3853 RJSvi at

Secretary: Carol Hinkley 503-382-7573  carolhinkley at

Treasurer: Leota Spalla   612-991-3876   leotaspal at

Officers at Large, past officers:

Betty Ogden 805-698-0842 rvingbetty at

Bobbi Harden jbobbi at

SOLOS Support Positions

Communications Chair: (Voicemail) POSITION OPEN

Membership Chair: Terry Burke membership at

See the Section "REPORTING CHANGES/PAYING DUES FOR SOLOS MEMBERS" above for information on paying dues and/or changing contact information.

Yahoo Group coordinator: Rosalind Clifton rosalindclifton at


Newsletter Editor: Perry Kesterson. perrykest at

Webmaster: Ann Palmer apalmer123 at

Sunshine Chair: Karen Colbert falmouthblackcat at 508-648-6851

For more information, please contact:

Phone: Roy Kannada at royk1072 at 916-752-0189