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GeoCache BOF

GeoCache BOF is for Escapees who share an interest in Geocaching.

GeoCachers BOF is for Escapees who share an interest in Geocaching. Escapees BOF (Birds of a Feather) groups are comprised of people who share a common interest. In order to belong to a BOF, one must be a member in good standing of the Escapees RV Club.

Geocachers BOF provides a communication link allowing members to be in touch with other SKP Geocachers. When arriving in a new location it will allow an easy way to find others who have similar interests. It will also be a forum for sharing information about geocaching as it relates to the RV life style.

Experienced members will provide mentoring for new and prospective geocachers.

Communications will be posted on our FaceBook page. (SKP Geocachers BOF)

Come join our Geocachers BOF. No fees to join . It’s easier than finding a cache.

Simply send an e-mail to: with your request to join.

Add your full name and #SKP number, e-mail address and phone number. Also include your geocache “handle” name. (if you have one).

Your SKP membership will be verified, and you will be sent a “Welcome to the Geocachers BOF letter”.

If you need help or have questions about the BOF or geocaching in general, we have an Admin Team in place to assist you. Please feel free to contact any member of the team whose function relates to your question. Any mentor can help with questions specifically about geocaching itself. You can also ask your question to all members via the FaceBook page. (SKP Geocachers BOF.)

GeoCachers BOF Administration Team 2018

Wendy Spencer-Hall- BOF Coordinator, FB coord.& mentor-

Sue Pace- Membership Chair, FB Coord.-

Barbara Westerfield- Mentor & Pathtags -

Sky Renfro- Mentor & Web Master-

Linda Molzahn- Mentor & Quad 4x4 caching-

Dan Sheppard- Mentor & Yuma caching-

Russ Bartholomew- Mentor & Coins-

John Schroeder- Mentor & Puzzle caches & coins-

Tom Abernathy- Mentor-

May I suggest you keep this information for future reference?

Again, on behalf of the Admin Team, welcome to the GeoCachers BOF.

Sue Pace, Membership Chair and FB Moderator