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Discount Parking

Trolley 0358The Rainbow Parks were started to satisfy the needs of members desiring home base park opportunities while providing more parking for traveling Escapees. Rainbow Parks offer the options of daily campground rental, annual leases, deeded RV-style lots, and unimproved larger lots with flexibility to develop them in several different ways. Unlike the SKP Co-Ops where you purchase a membership, in the Rainbow Parks you purchase a deeded-lot that you may later sell for current market value to any member. Use of the clubhouse, campground, and recreational facilities are benefits of Escapees Club membership and are not privileges of ownership of deeded lots. Unlike SKP Co-ops, operating expenses in Rainbow Parks are paid from campground income, and park rules and policies are administered by Rainbow Parks.



Rainbow Parks with Renewable Leases

Currently, these parks are: Rainbow's End in Livingston, Texas; Sumter Oaks in Bushnell, Florida; and Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama. The renewable lease program, called Escapees Rainbow Parks Unlimited (ERPU), offers the benefits of a home-base park with freedom from some of the disadvantages of ownership. Leaseholders are able to landscape and personalize their lot. The problems of having electrical and water services disconnected are eliminated, as well as the obligation of paying property taxes in most cases. Leaseholders, as well as lot owners, are responsible for their own utility bills.

At Rainbow Parks where deeded or leased lots are available, there is a separate campground for traveling members.  Parks in popular tourist areas will most likely have limited spaces available during busy seasons.


The Rainbow Parks are listed alphabetically by state below: